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Incorrect file size

Feb 6, 2011 at 11:29 PM

Ken (et al) this does not appear to be a DiscUtils issue, I was posting here to see if anyone else had any ideas on workarounds or rootcause.  I have a file on a VMDK which (when the vmdk is mounted) shows as 1,455,329 bytes.  Discutils accessing the same disc shows the same 1,455,329 bytes.  However if I read the file with a copy command (or discutils) 1,456,142 bytes are written out.  So it appears the actual extents of the file are out of sync with where the length is stored.  Chkdsk on the volume reports no issues. 

For Ken (specifically) is there anyway to check/refresh the length stored in the file entry without literally opening/reading all bytes (what copy appears to be doing)?

I'm not horribly concerned about this, I've only seen it once so far out of a collection of virtual disks, but it was odd enough I thought I'd see if it rang a bell to anyone?



Feb 6, 2011 at 11:48 PM

Most likely the directory entry is out of sync with the actual file data, which is 'OK' by chkdsk :)

One possible cause of this, is if the file has 'hardlinks', and was last modified by an alternate name - only that directory entry would be updated.

If you want to run the NTFSDump app on the disk, and post the MFT record for that file, should be able to see the mismatch.