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Fat Filenames and VFAT

Feb 23, 2012 at 2:46 PM


The support for Fat filesystems has greatly been increased with the most recent updates which I'm very excited about. However there is still the issue with the correct file name. As of right now Discutils truncates file names to the classic ~1,~2, etc.. if the file name is larger than 8 characters. I am by no means an expert on fat filesystems, but after doing some research this looks to be an issue of "VFat" support. It was possible from Windows 95+ if the drivers were used, but after Windows NT 3.5 this became the standard for Fat File Systems. Is there any intention to build this support for Fat FileSystems in?

Unfortunately due to this issue, I am unable to use Discutils for forensics on Fat filesystems, and instead must use a much longer process that includes TSK. =(

- Mike