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.net DiscUtil vmdk new NtfsFileSystem(Stream) meet Unexpected RawClustersPerIndexRecord(mutiple clusters per index block

Nov 20, 2014 at 8:59 AM
my project is using .net DiscUtil to operate with VMDK images.
I want to operate with VMDK, like add files or check files.

But some images failed:
the exception shows that "Unexpected RawClustersPerIndexRecord(mutiple clusters per index block):8"

here is my code:
using (VirtualDisk destDisk = VirtualDisk.OpenDisk(diskPath, FileAccess.ReadWrite))
                SparseStream destPartStream = SparseStream.FromStream(destDisk.Partitions[partitionNumber].Open(), Ownership.None);

                NtfsFileSystem destNtfs = new NtfsFileSystem(destPartStream);

                VolumeManager volMgr = new VolumeManager(destDisk);

                destNtfs.NtfsOptions.ShortNameCreation = ShortFileNameOption.Disabled;

                destNtfs.NtfsOptions.HideHiddenFiles = false;
                destNtfs.NtfsOptions.HideSystemFiles = false;

                if (destNtfs.FileExists(@"\Windows\System32\config\system"))
                    register = true;
the exception occured at "NtfsFileSystem destNtfs = new NtfsFileSystem(destPartStream);"
the "diskPath" is the vmdk image path, and partitionNumber is 0

can anyone tell me the why? I would appreciate with it.