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SDCard Image (FAT32)



I was wondering if it is possible to make an SDCard Image, which is formatted in FAT32.

There is a java library that does this:

I tried using the FloppyType.HighDensity, and others, but these created filesystems that were too small.

I also tried formatting as a partition, which created the appropriate size filesystem, but my software that I'm using detected it as a hard disk, and not as an SD Card.

Thanks, and I can post code if it would help.


festive_ken wrote Dec 21, 2014 at 4:58 PM

Hi Joe,

You probably want to use the DiscUtils.Raw.Disk class (initialise an empty file), then use the FAT filesystem directly on Disk.Content (i.e. no partitions).

Marking this as resolved as this is really a discussion item, rather than an issue with DiscUtils.