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EWFDiscUtils - Support for Expert Witness Format (EWF)

Aug 15, 2013 at 4:49 PM

I downloaded the EWFDiscUtils source code, because I need to extract the files contained from a EWF file. I use some examples to build my code, but not working.

This is my source code:
using (DiscUtils.Ewf.Disk disk = new DiscUtils.Ewf.Disk(FileName))
    VolumeManager volMgr = new VolumeManager(disk);

    VolumeInfo logicalVolInfo = volMgr.GetLogicalVolumes().FirstOrDefault();

    FileSystemInfo[] logicalFileSystemList = FileSystemManager.DetectDefaultFileSystems(logicalVolInfo); // File system not detected

    DiscUtils.FileSystemInfo logicalFileSystem = logicalFileSystemList.FirstOrDefault();

    DiscFileSystem discFileSystem = logicalFileSystem.Open(logicalVolInfo);
Someone can tell me I'm doing wrong?